Hello, I'm Sarah Parrish

Simply put — i love to capture moments

I am a wife, mother, and disciple. My favorite hobbies include reading, watching anything Star Wars, tending to my garden, or chasing after my two children! I'm a wife to a youth minister and we are based in Wichita Falls, Texas! I love getting to know people and hearing all about their lives. I'm so excited to capture your life moments and to help share a piece of your story through photography!

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SALT & LIGHT to me is all about becoming everything I am called to be. Too often in life I have let my insecurities block and lock me out of important things in my life. Taking this journey to launch a business has been a step of faith. 

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I started working and learning about photography in high school and quickly recognized a natural desire and affinity for it. However, my own voice of doubt began to creep in over time as I told myself I would never be good enough to be successful. This time, and over time, more and more, I have chosen to listen to the voice of Truth to guide me and let faith overcome fear. Maybe you can relate. Maybe there is a part of your life that you are waiting to step into. I hope that my story can inspire you to take a step of faith. I hope to inspire confidence through my photography and through my lifestyle share kindness and joy and be SALT & LIGHT. 

A Peek Into My Life

Here are a few moments of my life in pictures. In them, you will see my husband Caleb, my son Benji, and my daughter Ellie!